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The project was born from an online discussion via                          after a visit to the Cemetery and seeing the condition

of it and the gravestones. The team comprises of small number of family historians who prior to the project had never met but who chatted regularly and helped each other with their particular family history problems and challenges on a family history forum website.  The group, who met for the first time on the inaugural Groundwork Day on 17 October 2010, 

were drawn together by our passion for family history, our love of Manchester and Lancashire and our desire to save and preserve historical data.

We don't have any financial support but we do have the full backing of Manchester City Council and their Bereavement Services Team for which we are very appreciative.  All the volunteers work with their own equipment - trowels, spades, brushes, rakes, etc., and provide their own transport. 


New volunteers are always welcomed at our Groundwork Days (when we meet at the Cemetery to photograph and record) which are usually on a Sunday morning for 2- 4 hours.  Previous experience isn't necessary.  All we ask is for a time commitment and an enthusiastic approach.  The team can be contacted via the website contact page.


Re-erection of a Gravestone

The Team have work extremely hard to gather all inscriptions from gravestones before their inscription was lost below soil level when the stone is re-erected.  Whilst we have not managed to get every last one we did manage to get the majority. 



Alongside the Manchester General Cemetery Transcription Project, Manchester City Council have undertaken a programme of improvements and maintenance within the Cemetery, part of which has involved re-planting fallen, toppled and vandalised gravestones.

The "before" and "after" photographs above, taken in 2012 and 2014 respectively, illustrate the progress that has been made.