Clergy Interred

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Whilst recording the inscriptions from the gravestones, the Team found many Clergy interred in the

Manchester General Cemetery.  Below are some that we have recorded. 



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Reverend Walter Schofield Battersby

The first vicar of Holy Trinity Church in Blackley, Manchester, (Established 1904) after a new parish was created from parts of the parishes of St Peter's, Blackley and Christ Church, Harpurhey. Married to Susannah Beardsworth, she died in 1914.  Rev. Battersby died 22nd May 1917 at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Funeral service took place at Holy Trinity, Moston Lane at 2pm interment took place at Manchester General Cemetery Friday 25th May at 3pm. Cons 2432. 

Rev. Charles Blackwell

Of Burlington Street, Aged 61 died 16th August 1868 and was interred in Manchester General Cemetery on 19th August. Consecrated Ground

Rev George Cranston M.A.,

Of 71 Stocks Street, Cheetham. Rector of St Michaels, Angel Meadow died 26th August 1912 Aged 61 years after a long illness. Funeral service at St Michael's at 1.45pm, interment at Manchester General Cemetery at 3pm. Consecrated 5734 

No Gravestone remains for this grave

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                         William Braisbrown,

Local Methodist Preacher for 40 years died 20th June 1859, Aged 76 years. His name appears on a Gravestone in the Manchester General Cemetery but his name does not appear in the burial registers for the Cemetery. So, it is not known whether he is interred in the grave or if his name has just been placed on the Gravestone.

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Rev Richard Chenery

Of 19 Greame Street, Moss Side. 20 years a Pastor of the Church of York St, Manchester. Afterwards a Baptist Minister at the Moss side Baptist Church. Rev. Chenery died 17th February 1906, Aged 81 years at home. Funeral took place Wednesday 21st February at 3pm interment at Manchester General Cemetery. Non Conformist 3512


William Hayes of 15 Carisbrook Street, Harpurhey. Late Senior Deacon of the Particular Baptist Chapel, Rochdale Road, Manchester. (Established 1907) Aged 79 years. 

Died 24th May 1902,  Funeral Service took place 27th May at the Chapel 2.30pm and interment at Manchester General Cemetery  at 4pm. Non conformist 2173

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                              William Lamb,

A Gospel Minister first at Northwich 1839 to 1842, afterwards at Wakefield 1842 to 1848. Died 9th October 1854, interred at Manchester General Cemetery 12th October. Non Conformist 5376

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Rev. Thomas Grant

Of Cemetery House, 775 Rochdale Road, died 16th Dec 1909, Aged 74 years. For 24 years Chaplain and Registrar for the Manchester General Cemetery. Funeral took place at Manchester General Cemetery on 20th Dec 1909 at 1.30pm.   See Notables page 2






William Logan,V.D.M

Late of the Methodist New Connection, Mossley Circuit and late Editor of 'The Truth' died 7th Oct 1840 Aged 28 years and interred at Manchester General Cemetery 10th October 1840

Rev. Richard Clarke Moore

of Brownlow Villa Horwich, died 3rd June 1906, Aged 41 years, after a few days of illness. Rev. Moore was the first minister of the Unitarian Churchin Horwich. He was interred at Manchester General Cemetery 7th June 1906 NC2570

Alexander Barrie Taylor NC5598.jpg
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Rev. Jonathan Sutcliffe,

34 years Minister of the Independent Chapel, Ashton-under-Lyne and afterwards of Longsight Chapel. Died 20th April 1859 Aged 64 years and interred at Manchester General Cemetery 24th April.

Non Conformist 4775 



Alexander Barrie Taylor,

of Moss Cottage Chadderton. 38 years Minister of the Particular Baptist Chapel, Rochdale Road. 

died 7th August 1887, Aged 82 years interred at Manchester General Cemetery 11th August. Non Conformist 5598






Rev. Charles Frederick Wood,

Curate in charge of St Bartholomew's Church Edwood, Blackburn. died 19 March 1903 Aged 48 years interred Manchester General Cemetery 23rd March 1903. Church 4508

Rev. Jonathan Wood,

of Great Western St, Moss Side. First registrar at Manchester General Cemetery 1837 - 1848. 

died 23rd July 1871 Aged 87 years interred at Manchester General Cemetery 27th July 1848

Non Conformist 5574 

 William Faulkner (1806-1872)   See Notables Page 3    

 Joseph Steinthal (1824-1877)  See Notables Page 2