Monumental Inscriptions

of the

Manchester General Cemetery

before they are lost forever


The Manchester General Cemetery Transcription Project is being undertaken by a team of volunteers whose intention is to transcribe as many of the headstones within Manchester General Cemetery as possible before they are lost forever due to them falling through age and decay or by them being toppled in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations.  We believe that the headstones are more than just memorials in a cemetery but they actually contain a wealth of historical data. The project is carried out in our own free time and is totally non-commercial.

A copy of data in the form of typed transcriptions (not photographs) will be donated to Manchester Archives where it will be freely accessible once the project is complete and we are already offering a FREE-OF-CHARGE LOOK-UP SERVICE 

via our contact page.  Some of the information (not the full transcription) may be included on the Manchester City Council's Burial Records website so family historians will be able to perform basic online searches.  We have obtained special permission from Manchester City Council to take photographs for transcription purposes only. The reason for this is that although a grave may be situated in a public place the headstone is private property for which permission needs to be granted for a photograph to be published. 



News 1

The Manchester General Cemetery Transcription Project has changed web host. 

In September 2019 our last count of visitors to the old website totalled 160253

News 2

The Project has now completed the mapping of the Cemetery.

News 3

We have transcribed ALL upright and visible gravestones and uncovered and recorded about 99.9% of buried gravestones.  We are still working on the other minimal % to be uncovered and recorded and hope to complete 

in 2022.

News 4

New items will be added here each

time we add to the website,

so check back with us regularly. 

A new page has been added to our buried stories and also a new page called Graves.  New information has been added to the Timeline page.

News 5 

On a visit to the Cemetery after an  18 month extended break due to Covid.  

Manchester City Council Bereavement Services have erected in ALL their Cemeteries Memorial Stones and planted a tree to those who lost their lives in the Covid19 Pandemic.

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With grateful thanks for their kind permission to use images from their websites:

Manchester Libraries 


Britain from Above 

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